Tips On How To Make A Good Impression Based On Your Zodiac

Everyone has natural gifts (and that’s actually what inspired our company name, “Gifted Astrology”). When we’re aware of our gifts we can use them to our advantage, make a good impression, help people, and improve our own lives by seeing what assets we have (naturally, without even trying!).

The following excerpts are from an article that we contributed to. “How To Make A Good Impression On Someone, Based On Your Zodiac Sign” which was written by Sarah Fielding at

Here are some excerpts from the article:

As an Aries, you are constantly moving and thinking about what to do next. “You’re a person of action, Jaye, an astrologer at Gifted Astrology, tells Bustle. “Take action on someone’s behalf and do something for them that they won’t do for themselves to win them over.”

If you’re a Gemini, use your words to create a connection with someone. “You’re a gifted communicator, talk [things] through with them and help them figure things out,” Jaye says. “You’ll be the first person they’ll call when they need sage advice.”

If you’re a Leo, you may be used to accomplishing your goals, so why not help those around you go after their dreams? “You shine even when you’re not trying,” Jaye says. “Lead by example to encourage and win them over.”

“Libra is a natural peacemaker, make life easier for them by doing the negotiating for them when it’s needed or showing them the other side of a situation to balance their viewpoint,” Jaye says.

“Sagittarius, you like to see the bright side of things, so show them the funny and lighten their load with a good laugh together,” Jaye says. There’s nothing that connects people more than gut-splitting laughter.

Put your listening skill to use, Capricorns. “You’re good with details and you get things done,” Jaye says. “Win them over by doing something for them that they mentioned in passing to show them you were listening and that you care.”

Show others what makes them so special, Aquarius. “Be encouraging,” Jaye says. “Your ability to see where people are headed is a talent that can help people into the next, better version of themselves.”

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