Breakups+Holidays+Mercury Retrograde (oh my!)

Ohhh breakups… nobody likes them once, let alone twice, so don’t try breaking up during a retrograde because it usually doesn’t stick. But it’s not as bad as it sounds – when we’re aware of what’s going on. We talked about this emotionally tricky combination of Breakups+Holidays+Mercury Retrograde with writer, Natalia Lusinski, at Here are some excerpts from her article:

The holidays can be a challenging time for relationships and are actually the most common time of year that couples break upAccording to a study done by London-based data journalist, David McCandless, and Lee Byron, a look at Facebook updates regarding breakups showed that the two most common times of year that breakups most frequently happen is right around Valentine’s Day and the two weeks before Christmas. The latter probably was ~not~ on your Christmas list. But, we’re currently in Mercury Retrograde — a time when you’re specifically not supposed to breakup with someone. So, will breakups in Mercury Retrograde last during the holiday season?

According to Astrology Zone, Mercury Retrograde is when Mercury speeds past the Earth, which happens 3-4 times per year. Of course, Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, so its orbit is much shorter than our planet’s. Because of this, when Mercury zooms by, you may feel it in the sense that it disrupts something in your life — like your love life, for instance. Chances are, you’ve probably felt it affect various facets of your life, but didn’t even know it.

You May Be Having Temporary Feelings

As for whether breakups will last — or not — Jaye at offers some input. “The word mercurial means fickle, temperamental, changeable — and that describes what you get when you try to break up with someone during this time,” Jaye tells Bustle. “Most likely, it won’t stick because these are temporary, fluctuating feelings. This isn’t all bad, however, because the hidden gift from Mercury in Retrograde is that we become our own best teachers. Try to use the energy to look at your relationship from another angle, and when Mercury does go direct, you can use the breakup time as a growing period for yourself, to reassess what is truly important to you. That way, regardless of what happens in your relationship, you’ve made the most of the astrological energies, deepening the love and acceptance for yourself.”

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Surviving Mercury Retrograde Effects On Relationships

Mercury Retrograde (& how it affects us) is a mystery to a lot of people, especially when it comes to relationships. That’s why journalist, Natalia Lusinski, wanted to get our take on this astrological influence and gather tips for their readers to help them stay ahead of the game. Here are some excerpts from the article:

Jaye at, says wires get crossed and mixed messages tend to occur during Mercury Retrograde, but there are ways to keep communication clear. “It’s a challenging time for couples to communicate, but if you triple-check information, reread emails and texts before you hit send, and try to break information down into smaller pieces to make sure everything is clear, you can still express what’s in your heart.”

You know when you’re dating someone and everything’s going great, but then suspicions start to come up? Well, those may be more common now, during this current Mercury Retrograde. “If your relationship has been going well and suddenly a dark cloud of mistrust appears out of nowhere during Retrograde, try not to jump to conclusions,” she says. “Be kind to your other half and check in with them before making any accusations. During Mercury Retrograde, people can have a conversation with each other, but not realize they’re talking about two totally different things, and messages can get jumbled.”

As the study above found, a lot of breakups happen these couple weeks before Christmas. But instead of becoming one of the breakup statistics, there are ways to make it through the stressful holiday season with your significant other before just abruptly ending things. “Holiday time can also trigger unexpected feelings, and deep emotions can surface for lots of people,” Jaye says. “So instead of eviscerating your good thing, it will be advantageous to come from a supportive, loving place to straighten things out together. In addition, to keep stress at bay during your holiday travels, make sure to give yourself plenty of extra time, because Mercury Retrograde loves to reroute and complicate journeys.”

I don’t know about you, but I know traveling with a significant other can be tough, with or without Mercury Retrograde. As long as you are aware that traveling now may be especially challenging — knowledge is power — you should be able to make it through the next couple of weeks.

Overall, during Mercury Retrograde now — remember, just until Dec. 22! — spending time with your significant other may have more ups and downs than usual, so it’s important to be flexible and patient when it comes to plans and spending time together. “Mercury Retrograde can be frustrating for sensitive people that haven’t figured out how to use these astrological settings to their advantage yet,” Jaye says. “Delays, electronic malfunctions, and miscommunications are typical for these times. If you two are at odds because pesky Retrograde has thrown a wrench into your plans, help your sweetie out by being a loving oasis in the middle of the madness. Cooler heads prevail (and may be get rewarded with more presents at holiday time!).”


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What Mercury Retrograde Means For Holiday Hookups

The holidays can bring surprises, especially when they’re coupled with planetary retrogrades. Here are some excerpts from the article “What Mercury Retrograde In December 2017 Means For Your Holiday Hookups”, written by’s Amanda Chatel with photographs by Andrew Zaeh. We wanted to share it because Gifted Astrology was featured in this article and because retrogrades effect us any time they show up, holiday or not. The full article can be seen here:″>


By Amanda Chatel

The holiday season is basically made for hooking up. Between the ever-popular cuffing season, going home and running into that crush from high school or that fling from college, and all those holiday work parties where everyone indulges in far too much alcohol and merriment, if you’re single, you’re bound to find yourself in one, if not all of these scenarios. Basically, if you’re looking to hook up, having a little romp with some blast from the past or a one-night stand with that painfully adorable co-worker, the holiday season is totally going to play in your favor. But, we’re also in the midst of the last Mercury Retrograde of 2017; something to seriously consider during all this hooking up.

“Some say a retrograde planet’s purpose is to link us to past lives and revisit our old karmic issues that need tweaking and, in the best case scenarios, clearing,” Jaye at tells Bustle. “Mercury rules the mind and when it’s in reverse (retrograde), it can make life and relationships hazy, but it gives us the opportunity to see things from a different perspective.”

In other words, keep your eyes open and your expectations to a minimum, because Mercury Retrograde is in control for the next couple weeks, and there’s no exception when it comes to your holiday hookups.

  1. You’re Probably Not Thinking Clearly

As Jaye points out, Mercury Retrograde is going to dump a whole boatload of haziness on how you see life and relationships. What this means is that you might not have a good reading on your feelings and could possibly interpret hookup scenarios differently than what they actually are. Because of this, you want to be aware of the fact that your mind isn’t where it’s usually at, so you can sort of fight against it and at least try to see things as clearly as possible — even if this attempt is in vain.

  1. Everything Might Feel A Bit Odd

“Mercury Retrograde energies can stir up a very personal, introspective phase for people,” explains Jaye, “which can be an odd combination with social holiday invites.”

If you’re stuck in your head, overanalyzing everything that’s going on with you, then it can be hard to relate to other people. This means your hookup might feel strained or a bit a off. But if you’re aware of this being a possibility then, ideally, you’ll be able to do your best to not overanalyze and sort of go with the flow.

  1. You Might Not Be On Top Of Your Game

“At this time of year it’s typical to have more invitations to social events, office parties and gatherings,” says Jaye. “But with Mercury in Retrograde, you might not feel like going out and being social, and that’s completely OK because a lot of people will be feeling the same way.”

If you find this is the case, but you push yourself to go to these events, if you find yourself hooking up, you might not feel totally comfortable. Don’t force yourself to do something you really don’t want to do; there’s always next year’s holiday hookup season.

  1. Things And People May Be Delayed

“Mercury in retrograde likes to delay plans,” Jaye tells Bustle. What this means for you, at least in regards to your holiday hookups, is that you want to give yourself enough time to get to social events, so you’re not running late, possibly missing out on your intended hookup and you shouldn’t freak out if you get to a holiday party and the person you’ve been waiting all year to hookup with isn’t there yet. Don’t worry; they’re on their way, it’s just that Mercury Retrograde is making them late.

  1. Any Hookup You Have Will Likely Be Temporary

Even if your hookup extends past a one-night stand and you two end up making it an ongoing thing, keep in mind that it’s still very temporary, so getting attached is a bad idea. In fact, if you want to avoid any unnecessary heartbreak and disappointment, you might want to end it sooner than later.

“When you spot that cutie at a holiday party, remember that Mercury Retrograde hookups are mercurial,” explains Jaye. “Read: temporary, impulsive, unstable, flighty.”

  1. Be Wary About Keeping In Touch With Them

Not only will any holiday hookup during Mercury Retrograde be temporary, but if you have an urge to keep in touch with that hookup, don’t expect them to respond anytime soon — or ever, Jaye says. These hookups are, after all, flighty.

  1. Unless, Of Course, You Think They’re The One

While there’s no guarantee that your holiday hookup will feel the same as you, in regards to being The One, you never know until you put it out there, right? If that’s the case, if you’re really feeling like this is more than just a hookup and you’ve found your legit soulmate, then it’s time to understand that timing, thanks to Mercury Retrograde, is everything.

“If you think he or she is The One and you’re ready for a lasting love, get their number and set a date after December 22nd, when Mercury goes direct and energies are more supportive and stable,” says Jaye.

Although holiday hookups are great, especially since it’s such a festive time of year and most people are feeling happier than usual, it’s important to take into consideration the effect that Mercury Retrograde will have on these hookups during the next couple weeks. You may not be able to control things, getting them just as you want them, but in simply being aware, you can prepare yourself accordingly.