Why You Should Avoid Getting Back With Your Ex During Mercury Retrograde

We had a great time speaking with Bustle.com’s writer, Natalia Lusinski, about “Getting Back Together With An Ex During Mercury Retrograde”. Thought this article was written a while back, retrograde advice is always helpful! Here are some excerpts:

If your life seems a little off these days, it could be due to Mercury Retrograde. Of course, the term “Mercury Retrograde” is being thrown around a lot lately. According to Astrology Zone, it occurs 3-4 times a year and is when Mercury speeds past the Earth. Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, and its orbit is much shorter than our planet’s. So when Mercury zooms by, you may feel it in the sense that it affects your life and causes things to be out of whack for a few weeks.

Jaye at GiftedAstrology.com agrees with Rayne that you and an ex getting back together during this Mercury Retrograde period is not a good idea. “While rekindling an old romance during the holidays may sound like a beautiful idea, it’s not the best option when it’s during Mercury Retrograde,” Jaye tells Bustle. “If your relationship already broke up once and you’re bringing old wounds back to the same combination to try to heal them or fix things, the ground will be even more shaky while Mercury’s energies are turned inward (or retrograde). Astrologically, it may be best to wait until Mercury goes direct towards the end of the month when energies are forward-moving and you don’t have to take the long way back to repairing love. Though Mercury goes direct on Dec. 22, it takes a little while for its energies to get up to full speed ahead. If you need that extra planetary help to get back together with your ex, it maybe best to wait until after retrograde to give it another try.”

For the full article: https://www.bustle.com/p/is-getting-back-together-with-ex-during-mercury-retrograde-2017-a-bad-idea-this-holiday-season-avoid-it-at-all-costs-6768422


What Is Mercury Retrograde?

When Mercury Retrograde comes knocking it seems everyone wants to know more about it and how to survive the effects. Which makes sense, because life is complicated enough already, who needs a cosmic monkey wrench thrown into our plans? Especially around the holidays. Gifted Astrology had the opportunity to speak with International Business Times UK http://www.ibtimes.co.uk about this special astrological time and how to use it to your advantage. Here’s an excerpt:

What is Mercury Retrograde?

A Mercury retrograde could have a big effect on your relationships especially when it comes to communicating with your partners. An expert from GiftedAstrology.com explained to Bustle, “Communication is the number one challenge during [Mercury Retrograde] because Mercury is all about communication. When people are unaware of Mercury Retrograde, they can take what’s happening to them very personally (like anyone would), but when you’re aware, you can use it to your advantage.”

“Meet your (and your partner’s) Retrograde experience with a mindset that it’s purpose is to deepen your life and love. Relationships improve by practising compassion and accepting that it’s just three weeks in your long, beautiful journey together,” the expert added.

For the full article: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/what-mercury-retrograde-experts-give-you-tips-deal-it-during-2017-holiday-season-1650850