How To Walk Your Star Path – Finding Your Purpose With Astrology

Walking a “Star Path” is another way to describe a path that brings us closer to being the fullest expression of our true essence. Though it may not be the most dominate expression in everyone’s natal chart, Sun Signs influence the core personality. There are paths that each Sun Sign can follow to support their overall mission and walk “on purpose”to make the most of the natural gifts that support each sign.

  • Aries — the path to Courage. Being brave is an Aries trait, but sometimes seeing something through to completion takes strength of character. It’s easy for Aries to start new things, but follow-through and finishing takes courage.
  • Taurus — the path to Serenity. Taurus are the best at burying their heads in the sand when life gets hectic or when they’re being called to the carpet. Walking a path of serenity is done by building a solid and peaceful foundation within and being okay with the truth.
  • Gemini — the path to Openness. Gemini’s communicate with ease, but sometimes the speedy chatter can be a quick cover for some real feelings that are buried deep within. Communicating in the most truthful, open ways will bring more authenticity to a Gemini’s life.
  • Cancer — the path to Self Love. Cancers are so very good at taking care of others but when it comes to taking care of themselves, they’re usually last on their own lists. Show others how to love you by leading by example with your own actions.
  • Leo — the path to Trust. Big bravado can certainly light up a room but sometimes it can be a cover to avoid intimacy. Trust that people will love you for you. No fanfare needed.
  • Virgo — the path to Refined Skills. When the world has so many problems that need fixing, how can anyone ever relax? By choosing where to focus and making small changes in specific areas. Just remember, we will never catch up to entropy.
  • Libra — the path to Harmony. Harmonies are created when different notes are vibrating at the same time. It’s not a harmony when the notes are the same. Learning to accept the differences in others and realizing that they will never do it like you will keep you on your path.
  • Scorpio — the path to Honest Depth. Transformation is not easy, and that’s what you were tasked with when you chose to come into this life as a Scorpio. The hardest changes are those that take place in your foundation. Don’t avoid those depths. When you come up for air, be honest with yourself first and then continue the honesty when interacting with others.
  • Sagittarius — the path to Real Insight. It’s easy for you to see another culture or another way of being and appreciate it from afar. But what happens for you after that initial acceptance? Do you trust everything they’re doing is the best for you? Look at the hard facts and decide what’s best for your own heart before you give away the farm.
  • Capricorn — the path to Integrity. Step by step will get you to the goals that you’ve set for yourself, but don’t mow others over in the process. Staying on your star path will involve scrupulous attention and always being the good guy/gal (who just happens to be kicking butt).
  • Aquarius — the path to Individuality. As the most visionary sign, listening to others opinions of how you live your life is futile. It will never feel satisfying. When you determine what’s “cool” or “in”, your’e on the right track.
  • Pisces — the path to Transcendence Of Self. It’s easy for you to forget yourself and fade into others, feeling confused and lost when you finally return. Transcendence of self is the path that helps you go beyond boundaries of dimensions while maintaining your own autonomy. Take yourself wherever you go.

When we step off our paths and get off track it feels uncomfortable, but the discomfort is our inner alert system letting us know that its time to recognize the stuck patterns coming up for release. That’s the time to stop, take a deep breath and stop judging yourself for past behavior. Healing begins when we love ourselves enough to step back on the path and try life again in a new way.

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