Do’s And Don’ts On First Dates During Mercury Retrograde

Is your first, big romantic date set during this Mercury Retrograde? Hmmm… you might want to reschedule. We talked dating and retrograde details with journalist Mariella Mosthof at for her article, “Is A First Date During Mercury Retrograde 2017 A Bad Idea? The Stars Are Not On Our Side This Holiday Season”.

“Remind yourself that retrograde is only three weeks long and its purpose is to show us where our lives can be improved, including our love lives,” Jaye says. “When we are mindful and live consciously through tribulations (even if it’s just a little snafu on a first date), try to think of it as a pivot point where the universe is setting us up for greater success — that way, when the planetary energies move forward we will know a little more about ourselves and what we need in love.”

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