Retrogrades and A Royal Wedding: What Will It Mean For Prince Harry and Meghan?

Millions of people are excitedly awaiting the Royal wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle this month. As the marriage commences, the whole world (including the bride & groom), will be experiencing a significant retrograde pileup with three important planets in retrograde at one time. Every planet has a path that it typically travels on, and that path moves each planet’s unique energy in a specific direction. When planet direction isn’t moving forward we consider it to be in retrograde. Each planet spends time in retrograde at one time or another and retrogrades can act as a “cosmic clean out” by making us review how things are functioning in our lives.

Of course, our personal astrological charts dictate how retrogrades will affect us as individuals. In the case of the soon-to-be newlyweds, Prince Harry has his Sun in Virgo and his Rising Sign in Capricorn, while Meghan Markle has her Sun in Leo and her Rising Sign in Cancer. Though the official astrologer for the Royal Family has most likely checked on this wedding date and love compatibility already, this retrograde accumulation has two out of three planets retrograding in Capricorn (Saturn and Pluto), which shows us that this event will take more of an effort from Prince Harry. Relationships can be a lot of work, and getting the celestial backing on your union is a wise decision for anyone entering into a lifelong commitment. Being aware of the planetary aspects during our milestone moments can help us make the most out of the experience. Let’s take a look at each planet & see what it means for the new couple…

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn is the teacher planet of our skies and when it’s retrograde in Capricorn, it means that our plans will demand more energy, and every action we take must remain fair and just. When Saturn is in retrograde, it gives us the opportunity to do things in a different way, and like any good teacher, Saturn requires that we do it to the absolute best of our ability (read: come correct). This will affect Prince Harry more than Meghan, but with their complimentary Rising Signs, Meghan can help him along and ease any tension he may be experiencing.

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto is the planet of creative destruction and it works through renewal and rebirth. It acts as a kind of cosmic lymph system – cleaning out the toxins and things that don’t serve us any longer. When Pluto retrogrades, it makes us reflective. Once again, Capricorns will be most affected by this, so Prince Harry (Capricorn Rising) will feel this life reset and change at the deepest levels. By using these energies properly, the couple will have the ability to transform their union into a success story.

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter goes retrograde for approximately 4 months every year, rotating through the signs. This May it will be in Scorpio, which brings us a softer feeling than other retrogrades (including that pesky Mercury retrograde that we all secretly fear). Typically, Jupiter is about expansion outward, but when it’s retrograde it works on expanding us internally, to heal us and help us release the past. This isn’t the easiest (like a forward moving Jupiter), but it can be a beautiful transit for a couple to unite under when they know how to utilize the gifts from the skies and recognize that love heals all.

Many blessings & lifetimes of love to the newlyweds!